Rules & Regulations


Be the 2019 Artist of the Year

Submit your best makeup tutorial video for a chance to become NYX Professional Makeup HK’s 2019 Artist of the Year
立即提交您的彩妝教學影片,成為NYX Professional Makeup HK 2019年度Artist of the Year

1. Upload a new or existing YouTube makeup tutorial showing us your favorite look.
Videos will be judged on how well it shows off your artistry, talent, presentation and quality of the video. Check out our guidelines below.
2. Upload your submission video to YouTube
You will have to create an account, if you don’t have one already. Videos can be new or an existing video.
3. Fill out and submit the entry form (will be available June 21th).
Open submissions will be accepted until July 11th, 2019 at 11:59pm HKT.
Hang tight. Finalists will be notified by email on July 15th, 2019.

1. 上傳一段以「您最愛的彩妝造型」為題的全新拍攝或現有彩妝教學影片
2. 上傳參賽影片到 YouTube 網站
3. 填妥及遞交報名表格(於6月21日正式接受報名)


  1. The NYX Professional Makeup FACE Awards Competition (the “Competition”) is only open to all residents in Hong Kong SAR aged 14 years or over, except: (a) employees of the Promoter or its holding or subsidiary companies; (b) employees of agents or suppliers of the Promoter or its holding or subsidiary companies, who are professionally connected with the Competition or its administration; or (c) members of the immediate families or households of (a) and (b) above. If you are under the age of 18, you must obtain written parental or guardian consent to enter and claim your prize. The Promoter may ask the winner to provide proof of age.
  2. Potential winners are subject to verification of eligibility and identity per these Terms and Conditions, which will include a background check and completion of documentation required by Promoter to complete such background check, the results of which must be completely satisfactory as determined by Promoter in its sole discretion. Additional eligibility requirements apply for winners, as described below.

  1. The FACE Awards Competition (下稱「比賽」)是開放給香港特別行政區永久性居民參賽,參賽者在遞交報名表格時必須年滿14歲。若參賽者在報名時未年滿18歲,必須先得到其家長或合法監護人同意以下的官方比賽規章及規則。主辦單位NYX Professional Makeup Hong Kong及所有協辦單位之職員、家屬(父母、子女、配偶、兄妹弟姊妹及其配偶)及住在同一單位的人(不論是否直屬親屬)均不得參賽,以示公允。比賽的條款及細則均受香港法律管轄。
  2. 入圍參賽者須提供身份證明文件予主辦及協辦單位以核實官方比賽條款及細則列明之參賽資格,包括參賽者的背景調查和報名表格內填妥的資料。主辦及協辦單位保留判斷參賽者之參賽資格的一切權利。勝出者的參賽資格將會列明在下方。

2. PROMOTER主辦單位:

NYX Professional Makeup Hong Kong, Consumer Products Division of L’Oréal Hong Kong Limited (company no. 0012664), a company incorporated in Hong Kong having its registered offices at 35/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
NYX Professional Makeup Hong Kong (歐萊雅香港有限公司消費用品部),香港灣仔海灣道30號新鴻基中心35樓


Participation in this Competition constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Terms and Conditions and Promoter’s decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to this Competition. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein, including Promoter’s approval of the results of a background check.

4. TIMING 比賽舉行日期:

The Competition begins on June 21, 2019 12:00AM Coordinated Universal Time + 8 hours (Hong Kong Time) ("HKT"), ends on September 18, 2019 at 11:59 PM HKT (the "Competition Period"), and consists of five (5) phases as set forth in the chart below.

5. ENTRY CHART 比賽日程表:

Eligible Participants
Start Date (at 12:00 AM HKT)
End Date (at 11:59 PM HKT)
Entry Submission
All eligible entrants
2019年6月21日 2019年7月11日
Challenge # 1 Submission
上傳挑戰 #1 影片
Top 15 Semi-Finalists invited by Promoter
2019年7月19日 2019年8月9日
Voting Phase Challenge #1
挑戰 #1 影片公眾投票
2019年8月12日 2019年8月21日
Final Submission & Final Judging
Top 6 Finalists invited by Promoter
2019年9月1日 2019年9月13日
Annual FACE Awards Voting
年度FACE Awards 決賽
2019年9月14日 2019年9月18日

Promoters computer is the official time-keeping device for the Competition.

6. HOW TO ENTER 參賽方法:

To participate: You must have a non-private YouTube account. If you do not have a YouTube account, go to www.YouTube.com and create an account according to the instructions on the website. Creating an account is free and you may be asked to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of the relevant platform. This Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with YouTube. If you choose to enter using your mobile phone, standard data fees may apply. See your wireless provider for pricing plan details.
During the Initial Submission Phase, visit http://nyxcosmetics.hk/faceawards ,follow the links and instructions to complete and submit the registration form, including your name, phone number, valid email address, a valid home address, and a link to a video that best exemplifies your talent as an Artist(your "Submission"). Watch the guideline video to make sure that you Submission matches the requirements and restrictions. The video can be a pre-existing video or one created specifically for this Competition. Here are some but not all of the important guidelines and restrictions:

  1. Your Submission may not exceed fifteen (15) minutes.Your submission must be in Cantonese, Putonghua, or English. You may make up your own face or use a model; if you use a model, your model must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. You may use any cosmetic products you would like; however brand names and logos of products other than the Promoter’s must not be displayed or mentioned in your video. Your use of or reference to Promoter’s products will not positively impact the Winner Determination process described below in Section 9.
  3. Your submission must be in formats that YouTube guidelines: avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg4, mpegps, 3gp, webM, or wmy 6. Submission must meet YouTube’s Terms of Service at at http://www.youtube.com/static?gl=US&template=terms and its Community Guidelines at http://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines

By entering this Competition and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, each entrant represents and warrants that he or she is the person listed on the entry form. If entrant is under the age of majority in his/her state or province a parent or legal guardian must agree to the Terms and Conditions.

By uploading your initial Submission or any other Submission during the Competition, you agree that it conforms to the guidelines, requirements, permissions, and content restrictions listed below and that Promoter, in its sole discretion, may disqualify you if it believes that it fails to conform.

Requirements: Entrants agree that during the Competition Period, they will not post any of their Submissions on Facebook or any other social network.

Permissions: Entrant must have permission from the model and any other individuals who appear in the Submission, consent to the use of the Submission in the Competition to use their names and likenesses in the Submission and to grant the rights set forth herein. Other than the entrant, all other individuals must be at least 18 years of age. If requested, entrant must be able to provide such permissions or proof in a form acceptable to Promoter.

Content Restrictions:

  • Entrant's Submission must be his/her original work;
  • Entrant may not make any claims or beliefs (positive or negative) about any product or its performance;
  • Entrant may not make any statement about a brand other than Promoter’s (including mere reference of its use);
  • Product logos and brand names other than Promoter’s may not be displayed;
  • Submissions must not contain material that violates or infringes another’s rights, including privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement;
  • Submissions must not disparage Promoter or any other person or party;
  • Submissions must not contain brand names or trademarks other than those owned by Promoter, which entrant has a limited license to use to incorporate in his/her Submission in this Competition;
  • Submissions may only contain music provided by Promoter;
  • Submissions must not contain any content not created by entrant;
  • Submissions must not contain material that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortious, defamatory, slanderous or libelous;
  • Submissions must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; and
  • Submissions must not contain material that is unlawful, in violation of or contrary to the laws or regulations of Hong Kong SAR.

Limit:Each entrant may upload one (1) Submission in the Initial Submission phase and if invited, may provide one (1) Submission to the Promoter for each Finalists Challenges. Submissions received from any person, email address or YouTube account in excess of the stated limit will be void. Submissions generated by script, macro or other automated means are void. Released Parties (as defined in Section 14, below) are not responsible for lost, late, stolen, damaged, incomplete, invalid, un-intelligible, garbled, delayed or misdirected Submissions; all of which will be void. In the event of a dispute as to any Submission, the authorized account holder of the email address used to register will be deemed to be the entrant and must comply with these Terms and Conditions. The "authorized account holder" is the natural person assigned an email address by an Internet access provider, online service provider or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted address. Each entrant may be required to show proof of being an authorized account holder.

參賽者必須具有一 個公開的 YouTube 帳號。如參賽者沒有YouTube帳號,可於以下網站: www.YouTube.com 根據其相關細則申請。參賽者可免費申請帳號,但有需要同意有關平台的服務守則及私隱條例。YouTube並非是次比賽的主辦、協辦、執行或合作單位。如參賽者使用流動電話上傳影片,網絡供應商有機會收取流動數據費用,詳情請向網絡供應商查詢。
於遞交報名表格及影片階段,請瀏覽以下網站: http://nyxcosmetics.hk/faceawards ,細閱其指引以完成及遞交報名表格,包括:參賽者姓名、電話、有效電郵地址、現時居住地址及一段最能展示您成為一名Beauty Vlogger的影片鏈結(您遞交的影片)。請參考示範片段以確保您所遞交的影片符合比賽要求及限制。參賽影片可以是全新拍攝或現有影片。以下是重要的準則及限制:

  1. 參賽影片不可超過15分鐘
  2. 參賽影片必須以廣東話、國語或英語聲演;
  3. 參賽者可以自己或他人作化妝模特兒;如影片中以他人作模特兒,其年齡必須年滿18歲
  4. 參賽者可自由選擇使用任何化妝品;唯影片中不能提及或展示主辦單位以外的品牌名稱及標誌。使用或提及主辦單位的產品並不會直接影響下文第9部分中所涉及的得獎者決定程序。
  5. 參賽影片必須根據 YouTube 默認的格式:avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg4, mpegps, 3gpp, webM, 或wmv 格式;及
  6. 6. 參賽影片必須符合 YouTube 的使用條款:https://www.youtube.com/t/terms 及其社群指南 :https://www.youtube.com/yt/policyandsafety/zh-HK/communityguidelines



要求: 參賽者同意於比賽期間不會於 Facebook 或其他社交網絡平台上傳其參賽影片



  • 參賽者所遞交的參賽影片必須為其原創作品;
  • 參賽者不得對任何產品及其性能作出索償或正/負面意見;
  • 參賽者不得就主辦單位以外的品牌發表任何聲明(包括僅提及其用途);
  • 除主辦單位以外,不能展示產品商標及品牌名稱;
  • 參賽影片不能包含觸犯或侵犯他人權利的內容,包括但不限於私隱權,公開權或知識產權,或其他構成侵犯版權的內容;
  • 參賽影片不能貶低主辦單位或任何其他單位或人物;
  • 參賽影片不能含有除主辦單位外的品牌名稱或商標,唯參賽者於參影片中俱有有限度的使用權利;
  • 參賽影片只能使用由主辦單位提供的音樂;
  • 參賽影片不能含有任何非原創內容;
  • 參賽影片不能含有任何不當、不雅、淫穢 、侵權、誹謗、毀謗或中傷的內容;
  • 參賽影片不能含有任何有關促進對其他群體或個人的偏見、種族主義、仇恨或傷害,或促進基於種族、性別、宗教、國籍、殘疾、性取向或年齡歧視的內容;及
  • 參賽影片不能含有非法、觸犯或違反法律及法例的內容

限制:每位參賽者須於最初階段遞交報名表格及於上傳1段參賽影片,及後如您獲得入圍邀請,需根據每1個影片挑戰提供1段參賽影片予主辦單位以供準決賽及決賽之用。任何提交多於上述限額的人士、電郵地址或 YouTube 帳號將會被取消資格。透過 Script、Macro或其他自動程式參賽亦會被取消資格。發佈方(如下文第14部分所定義)將不會為遺失、延遲、被盜、損壞、不完整、無效、不能理解、亂碼、延誤或誤導的參賽內容負責;以上所有將會被取消資格。有關任何提交參賽內容的爭議中,用於註冊的電郵地址授權帳戶持有人將被視為參賽者,並必須遵守以上所有官方條款及細則。「授權帳戶持有人」為互聯網供應商、在線服務供應商或其他負責分配電郵地址予用戶的組織所指定的電郵地址持有人。如有需要,參賽者會被要求出示證明文件以茲證明該授權帳戶持有人之身份。


Uploading any Submission constitutes entrant’s consent to give Promoter, and its affiliates, a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, create derivative works from, and display such Submission in whole or in part, on a worldwide basis, and to incorporate it into other works, in any form, media or technology now known or later developed, including for promotional or marketing purposes. All submissions, if posted, will be posted on social media on a random-basis. If requested, entrant will sign any documentation that may be required for Promoter or its assignees to make use of the non-exclusive rights entrant is granting to use the Submission.
所有參賽者上傳參賽影片,即表示同意授權主辦及協辦單位對該作品的所有或部分之全球地區使用權,包括免除複製、修改、出版、製作衍生產品和展示此作品的版權稅;永久不能刪除該作品的非獨家許可;在沒有時間和地域限制的情況下,允許該作品以任何形式透過任何媒體或科技作宣傳及市場策劃用途。如有需要,所有作品將會以隨機的形式上傳在任何網上平台。參賽者有機會被主辦單位或其指定人士要求簽署有關准許使用該影片非獨家行使權的文件 。


By participating in this Competition, entrant acknowledges and agrees that Promoter may obtain many Submissions in connection with this Competition and/or other Competitions staged and/or promoted by the Promoter, and that such Submissions may be similar or identical in theme, idea, format or other respects to Entrant's Submission. Moreover, entrant acknowledges that his/her Submissions may be similar to materials developed by the Promoter. Entrant waives any and all claims entrant may have now or in the future that any compensation is due to entrant in connection with any Submission or other material provided


Winners will be determined by the following process: First, the Promoter will select fifteen (15) Semi-Finalists based on the objective judging process described below. Semi-Finalists will be invited to participate in up to two (2) additional video challenges. The public will be permitted to vote on the Semi-Finalist's Submissions and the six (6) Finalists with the highest number of votes will be invited to continue with the Challenge #2. The final one (1) winner ("winner") will be invited to participate as audience in the Face awards show that will take place in Los Angeles. Failure to timely provide Semi-Finalist Submissions or compete other requirements listed below may result in forfeiture of a prize. The full process is described below.

Initial Judging Phase: After the conclusion of the Initial Submission phase, a panel of qualified judges determined by Promoter in its sole discretion will select the fifteen (15) entrants with the highest-scoring Submissions (the "Semi-Finalists") from among all eligible Submissions based on the following criteria (“Judging Criteria”):

  • 40% Overall creativity of the look;
  • 30% Artistry in makeup;
  • 20% Presentation of theme;
  • 10% Quality of the video production ;

In the event of a tie, the entrant whose Submission received the highest score for “creativity of the look” as determined by the qualified judges, in their sole discretion, will be deemed the applicable Semi-Finalist. In the event of a tied high score in “creativity of the look” the tied high scores will be re-judged and the one with the highest score will be deemed the Semi-Finalist. Promoter reserves the right to select fewer than fifteen (15) Semi-Finalists, if, in its sole discretion, it does not receive a sufficient number of eligible and qualified Submissions. The fifteen (15) selected entrants will be notified by email or phone, using information provided on the entry form.

Video Challenges for Invited Semi-Finalists: The fifteen (15) Semi-Finalists selected after the first challenge must be prepared to participate in up to two (2) additional video challenges, as described below to continue in the Competition.

Prior to the beginning of each Video Challenge (dates set forth in the chart above in Section 5), the applicable Semi-Finalists will be invited to participate. Promoter will announce the theme for each Video Challenge online at http://nyxcosmetics.hk/faceawards at the beginning of each Video Challenge. Semi-Finalists must create a Submission consistent with the theme provided and all of the guidelines, requirements, permissions, and content restrictions listed in Section 5. Submissions provided after the end date for the applicable Video Challenge may not be included in the gallery for public voting.

Public Voting: After each Video Challenge, there will be a public voting period. During each of the two (2) Public Voting Phases, (dates/times set forth in the Chart in Section 5), the applicable Semi-Finalists’ Submissions will be posted for public voting at http://nyxcosmetics.hk/faceawards Individuals may vote for the Submission they believe is the best. Limit: three (3) votes per e-mail address and per person, each day during the applicable Voting Phase. For the purposes of this Competition a day is defined as beginning at 12:00 AM (midnight) HKT and ending at the following 11:59 PM HKT. On the days in which the Voting Phrase opens at 12:00AM HKT, voting for that day ends at 11:59 PM HKT. Multiple votes received from any person or email address in excess of the stated number will be void. Any attempt by any Semi-Finalist or voter to obtain votes by any fraudulent or inappropriate means, including without limitation, offering prizes or other inducements to members of the public as determined by Promoter in its sole discretion, by using any automated program, by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, registrations and logins, or any other methods, will void those votes for the Submission and Semi-Finalist may be disqualified as determined by Promoter in its sole discretion. Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revise the vote counts should the voting as a whole appear to have been tampered with or manipulated in significant way.

Determination of Finalists that Continue in the Competition:

  1. 50% on the highest-scoring Submissions by a panel of qualified judges determined by Promoter in its sole discretion on above “Judging Criteria” (Section 9a).
  2. 50% on Submissions with the most valid votes after each Public Voting Phase.

In the event of a tie in votes after any of the Public Voting Phases, Promoter will select the applicable Finalist to continue in the Competition using the Judging Criteria listed above to score the applicable Challenge Submission. The number of Finalists that will continue in the Competition for each Challenge is as follows:

  • Top fifteen (15) Semi-Finalists will be invited to participate in the 1st Video Challenge
  • Top Six(6) Finalists will be invited to participate in the 2nd Video Challenge
  • Top one (1) winner will be invited to participate (pending confirmation and passing a background check) in the Face Awards Show in Los Angeles.

Promoter will notify the Semi-Finalists who will continue by email and/or phone prior to the beginning of the next Challenge Submission Phase.

得獎者會經由以下程序選出:首先,主辦單位會根據以下描述的客觀評審準則,選出15強準決賽參賽者。準決賽參賽者會被邀請參加最多2階段的影片挑戰。準決賽參賽者遞交的參賽影片會接受公眾投票,獲得最高分數的6強決賽參賽者可獲晉級到下一階段的機會,拍攝決賽挑戰之影片。最後1位得獎者(下稱「終極得獎者」)會被邀請前往加州洛杉磯觀賞當地之Face Awards Show。未能準時或遞交完整的準決賽參賽影片有機會取消獲獎資格。詳情請參閱以下的完整程序:

首回評審階段: 在首回遞交報名表格及影片階段結束後,由主辦單位邀請的專業評審團會根據以下準則(下稱「評審準則」)選出15強獲得最高分數的參賽者:

  • 40%總體 造型創意;
  • 30% 彩妝造型藝術性
  • 20% 主題表達能力;
  • 10% 參賽影片之製作質素;


入圍之準決賽參賽者的影片挑戰: 在首回影片挑戰後,被選出的15強準決賽參賽者需根據下文描述,準備最多2階段的影片挑戰以繼續參賽。

每回影片挑戰開始前(相關日期請參閱第五部分之表格),合符資格的準決賽參賽者會被邀請參賽,主辦單位會透過以下網站:http://nyxcosmetics.hk/faceawards 公開每回影片挑戰的主題。準決賽參賽者須創作並提及一段符合該次主題、準則、要求、權限和內容限制(詳情請參閱第五部分)的參賽影片。於遞交限期後遞交的參賽影片將不會被計算在公眾投票內。

公眾投票: 在每階段影片挑戰階段完結後,將會進行公眾投票。在2階段公眾投票期間(相關時間及日期請參閱第五部分之表格),合符資格的參賽者之參賽影片將於以下網站:http://nyxcosmetics.hk/faceawards 開放予公眾投票。公眾可自行投選出最佳的參賽影片。限制:每回公眾投票期間,每個登記電郵地址及每人只能投票3次。在比賽期間,一整天時限由香港標準時間(UTC+8小時)凌晨12時正起至當天的 下午11時59分。在公眾投票期間,開始時間為香港標準時間(UTC+8小時)凌晨12時正;結束時間為香港標準時間(UTC+8小時)下午11時59分。任何電郵地址或任何人投票多於上述限額將被視為廢票。任何階段的比賽參賽者或投票者意圖或企圖進行詐騙或不誠實利用選票,包括:送贈獎品或以任何誘因利誘公眾投票;使用自動程式、多個或不同的電郵地址、身份、以及其他方法去登記或登入投票系統,主辦單位保留取消該名參賽者之參賽資格的一切決定權利。主辦單位保留調整投票數字及更改賽果的一切決定權。


  1. 50% 由主辦單位邀請的專業評審團會根據以上準則(第9a節「評審準則」)選出最高分數的參賽者
  2. 50% 公開投票階段之後,最高有效票數的的參賽者

選出參賽者晉級到下一階段: 在每回公眾投票完結後,最高有效票數的參賽影片及其參賽者將晉級到下一階段。在相同票數的情況下,主辦單位會根據以上的參賽影片評審準則選出最符合資格的參賽者繼續參賽。請參閱下文每階段比賽參賽者之數目:

  • 頭15強準決賽參賽者會被邀請晉級到 #1 影片挑戰
  • 頭6強決賽參賽者會被邀請晉級到 #2 影片挑戰
  • 1位終極得獎者會被邀請晉級到前往加州洛杉磯舉辦的Face Awards Show成為現場觀眾之一。



The winner will be notified by email or phone on or after September 19th, 2019 using contact information provided on the entry form. The winner (or parent or legal guardian where entrant is a minor in his/her place of locations) will be required to sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release and where not prohibited Publicity Release, including agreement for Promoter to perform a background check, which must be received by Promoter within three (3) days of the date notice or attempted notice is sent, in order to claim his/her prize. The winner will be confirmed upon Promoter’s satisfaction with and approval of the results of the background check. If the winner cannot be contacted, fails to execute and return the Affidavit of Eligibility and Release and Publicity Release or provide any other requested information within the required time period (as applicable), does not comply with these Terms and Conditions, or notification is returned as undeliverable, the winner forfeits the prize. If the winner is disqualified for any reason, the applicable prize may be awarded to a runner-up, if any, in Promoter’s sole discretion.


Winner Travel to Los Angeles, California: The winner, including one parent or legal guardian of the winner who is a minor, will be provided a paid five (5) night stay in Los Angeles, California, including: coach, standard or economy-class round-trip airfare or other transportation (as selected by Promoter) from Hong Kong International Airport (airline or other transportation selected by Promoter in its sole discretion), one (1) standard room double occupancy hotel room at a hotel selected by Promoter with a ranking of three or more stars (to be shared by Winner and his or her parent or legal guardian for the winner who is a minor), a $50 USD spending money per day for meals and beverages (for the winner and for the parent or legal guardian of the winner who is a minor), reimbursement for ground transportation to and from the hotel and Los Angeles International airport for a maximum of $50 USD per one-way transport (to be shared by winner and his or her parent or legal guardian, if the winner is a minor), and transportation to the event location(s), provided by Promoter. All other expenses not specified above including all other meals, beverages, gratuities, incidentals, taxes, other ground transportation, and baggage handling fees for bags in excess of one bag (and the parent or guardian of a winner who is a minor), are the sole responsibility of the winner (Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $40,000 HKD per person). Final actual value at time of booking and travel may be substantially more or less depending on point of origin and ticket availability. Winner and the parent or legal guardian of the winner who is a minor shall reasonably cooperate with Promoter to arrange for the prompt booking of their travel arrangements. All airline or other travel tickets once booked cannot be changed unless Promoter in its sole discretion consents. Any additional fees or penalties incurred as a consequence of any changes made to any travel arrangements after they are booked that are made at the request of a winner (or his or her parent or legal guardian) are the sole responsibility of such winner (or his or her parent or legal guardian) and shall be deducted from the aforementioned $50 USD spending money. The winner (and his or her parent or legal guardian, for the winner who is a minor), are solely responsible for obtaining any necessary travel documents, including photo identification, visas and/or passports. Promoter does not provide travel or other insurance.

Additional Activities and Requirements during Week in Los Angeles California : October 14, 2019 – October 19, 2019: During this week, Promoter will film the winner during various activities, including visit to NYX Professional Makeup's world headquarters, its showrooms and when winner meets with a professional team of models, and stylists ("Prize Footage"). Prize Footage will be used to create a vignette that will be shown at the Final Runway Show. Promoter and its agents shall have the right to edit, exploit, adapt, distribute, post, create derivative works of, and otherwise use the Prize Footage, in whole or in part, together with the winner's name, city, and/or prize information, and in combination with other materials, in any manner, for any advertising, promotional, trade, commercial or other purposes in any and all media, now or hereafter devised, worldwide without limitation and without further payment, notification, permission or other consideration to winner or any third party, except where prohibited by law. Promoter shall not incur any liability whatsoever to the extent Promoter chooses to refrain from any exploitation of its rights hereunder

終極得獎者前往加州洛杉磯之旅: 主辦單位會支付終極得獎者於加州洛杉磯的5天旅程費用,若終極得獎者未年滿18歲,其家長或合法監護人須與她/他同行(費用由主辦單位支付)。旅程費用包括:專車接送、經濟倉來回機票(主辦單位將保留選擇航空公司及交通工具的一切決定權利)、從家中出發到香港國際機場的交通費用(主辦單位將保留選擇交通工具的一切決定權利)、由主辦單位指定的三星級或以上的酒店標準客房1間(未年滿18歲的得獎者與其家長或合法監護人將會被安排居住在同一房間)、每天$ 50USD的膳食津貼(未年滿18歲的得獎者與其家長或合法監護人的膳食津貼包括在內)、來回酒店與洛杉磯國際機場的交通資助(最高 $50 USD一程,未年滿18歲的得獎者與其家長或合法監護人的交通資助包括在內)以及來回活動地點的交通費用。所有未被列明的支出將由終極得獎者自行支付,包括:其他膳食費用、報酬、雜費、其他陸地交通費用、額外行李運送費用(每位終極得獎者和未年滿18歲的得獎者家長或合法監護人只能攜帶一件行李)(人均總費用估計約HKD $40,000)。最終的機票價格將會根據預訂日期、機位和出發地點而有所不同。終極得獎者或未年滿18歲的得獎者與其家長或合法監護人需要配合主辦單位調節旅程細節。在未經主辦單位同意下,所有已預約的機票或交通工具不能更改。任何因在預約後終極得獎者(及其家長或合法監護人)所作的變動而產生的額外費用或罰款將由終極得獎者(及其家長或合法監護人)自行支付,並不包括在HKD $50 USD的交通資助當中。所有終極得獎者(未年滿18歲的得獎者家長或合法監護人)有責任去領取所需的旅遊證件,包括:照片證明、旅遊證件及/或護照。主辦單位將不會提供旅遊或其他保險。

前往加州洛杉磯之旅期間的額外活動及規定: 2019年10月14日至2019年10月19日,在以上一週的旅程期間,主辦單位會拍攝終極得獎者的各種活動作花絮,包括:參觀主辦單位的公司總部和展覽室、以及終極得獎者與由模特兒和造型師組成的專業團隊的會面情況。花絮將會被剪接並於終極彩妝展示會播放。主辦單位及其協辦單位有權使用拍攝的花絮影片作剪接、利用、運用、發放、發佈、創作或其他用途;全部或部分影片,包含:影片名稱、城市、國家、獎項資料和其他相關資料,在任何情況下都可於所有媒體被用作廣告、宣傳、貿易、商業活動或其他用途,並不受時間及地域限制,主辦單位於不觸犯香港法例的情況下無須另外向終極得獎者付費、通知、獲得許可及與終極得獎者或任何第三方商議 。主辦單位於任何情況下不會為終極得獎者被剝奪的利益而承擔責任。

12. PRIZES 獎品:

ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: $10,000 HKD worth of NYX Professional Makeup cosmetic products, as determined by Promoter, $10,000 HKD Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”); Travel and accommodation expenses and arrangements to be handled and paid for by Promoter, HKD $40,000 ARV. Total ARV of Grand Prize, HKD $50,000 plus USD $350 (including the value of the trip to Los Angeles).

FIRST PRIZE X FIVE (6): A selection of NYX Professional Makeup cosmetic product, as determined by Promoter, HKD $8,000 ARV.

Total ARV of all prizes: HKD $98,000 plus USD $350

For All Prizes: Prizes are awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either express or implied by Promoter. Any difference between stated value and actual value will not be awarded. Trip must be taken on dates specified by Promoter or prize will be forfeited and Promoter will have no further obligation to such winner. Promoter reserves right to change dates. Travel must be made through Promoter’s agent, on a carrier of Promoter’s choice. Winners may not substitute, assign or transfer prize or redeem prize for cash, but Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to substitute prize (or portion thereof) with one of comparable or greater value. All prize details are at Promoter’s sole discretion.

終極大獎1名: 價值HKD $10,000的指定NYX Professional Makeup彩妝產品,零售價值約現金HKD $10,000,主辦單位保留一切彩妝產品款式及內容之決定權利 終極得獎者之旅程,包括:交通及往宿,會由主辦單位負責行程管理及本文列明的支出,零售價值約現金HKD $40,000。終極大獎總零售價值約HKD $50,000(包括:終極得獎者前往加州洛杉磯之旅程)。

(6) 大獎6名: 價值HKD $8,000的指定NYX Professional Makeup 彩妝產品,主辦單位保留彩妝產品款式的一切決定權利。

所有獎品總零售價值: HKD $98,000 加 USD $350

有關所有獎品: 主辦單位所描述或意指的獎品並沒有一定的保證或擔保。實際價值會根據參賽者或得獎者的所在地而有所變動。主辦單位不會為任何列明的價值與實際價值之差價作出補償。前往加州洛杉磯之旅程必須在主辦單位指定的日期內出發,不能如期出發則示為放棄獎品,主辦單位不會為此負上任何責任。主辦單位保留更改旅程日期的一切決定權利。旅程必須經由主辦單位指明的中介單位預訂,主辦單位保留航空公司的一切決定權利。得獎者不能被替補、指定、轉讓獎品或將獎品兌換成現金,但主辦單位保留替補相同價值或更高價值之獎品(或其部分)的一切決定權利。主辦單位保留獎品詳情的一切決定權利。


Acceptance of any prize shall constitute and signify each winner’s agreement and consent that Promoter and its assignees may use the Finalists’ name, city, likeness, Submissions, Prize Footage, and/or prize information in connection with the Competition for promotional, advertising or other purposes, worldwide, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, including the Internet, without limitation and without further payment, notification, permission or other consideration to winner or any third party, except where prohibited by law. Promoter shall not incur any liability whatsoever to the extent Promoter chooses to refrain from any exploitation of its rights hereunder.

14. RELEASE 聲明:

By receipt of any prize, winners agree to release and hold harmless the Promoter, YouTube LLC, Taylor and Pond and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, distributors, advertising/promotion agencies, and prize suppliers, and each of their respective parent companies and each such company’s officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from and against any claim or cause of action, including personal injury, death, or damage to or loss of property, arising out of participation in the Competition or receipt or use or misuse of any prize.
一經收取任何獎品,代表每位得獎者同意並聲明(不論有意或無意)不會宣稱因比賽收到、使用或誤用獎品而造成身體受傷、死亡及財物損失而向主辦單位、YouTube LLC、協辦單位、贊助商、其所有的子公司、附屬機構、供應商、分銷商、廣告或宣傳公司和獎品供應商、其母公司以及所有公司董事 、管理層、職員和代理(總稱「相關單位」)索償。


Promoter reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Competition, or any part of it, if any fraud, technical failures, human error or any other factor impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Competition, as determined by Promoter in its sole discretion. If terminated, Promoter may, in its sole discretion, determine the winners from among all non-suspect, eligible Submissions received up to time of such action using the judging procedure outlined above. Promoter, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the Submission process or the operation of the Competition or to be acting in violation of the Terms and Conditions of this or any other promotion or in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner and void all associated Submissions. Any attempt by any person to deliberately undermine the legitimate operation of the Competition may be a violation of criminal and civil law, and, should such an attempt be made, Promoter reserves the right to seek damages and other remedies (including attorneys’ fees) from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law. Promoter’s failure to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.
主辦單位保留取消、終止和/或修改比賽或當中部分內容的一切決定權利。如有任何詐騙、技術錯誤、人為疏失或其他因素而導致比賽不能如常進行,主辦單位保留自行判斷及處理的一切決定權利。若比賽終止,主辦單位保留根據上文比賽階段,從所有合符資格並非可疑的參賽影片中選出得獎者的一切決定權利。 如在比賽過程中出現涉及賄賂、影響比賽進行的行為、違反官方條款及細則、不當宣傳、製造混亂或使參賽影片無效,主辦單位保留取消參賽者之參賽資格的一切決定權利。任何人若企圖觸犯香港法例並影響比賽正常進行,於法庭判決下,主辦單位保留要求對方賠償(包括律師訴訟費用)的一切決定權利。主辦單位未能執行的官方條款及細則不代表該條款無效。


Released Parties are not responsible for: (1) any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by entrant, printing, typographical or other errors or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Competition; (2) technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to malfunctions, interruptions, or disconnections in phone lines or network hardware or software; (3) unauthorized human intervention in any part of the Submission process or the Competition; (4) printing, typographical, technical, computer, network or human error which may occur in the administration of the Competition, the uploading, the processing or judging of Submissions or votes or the tabulating of votes, the announcement of the prizes or in any Competition-related materials; (5) late, lost, undeliverable, damaged or stolen mail; or (6) any injury or damage to persons or property which may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from entrant’s participation in the Competition or receipt or use or misuse of any prize (including any travel/activity related thereto). Released Parties are not responsible for misdirected or undeliverable Submissions or for any technical problems, malfunctions of computer systems, servers, providers, hardware/software, lost or unavailable network connections or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmission or any combination thereof. Released Parties are not responsible for any unauthorized third-party use of any Submission. Insofar as is permitted by law, the Released Parties will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the prize. Your statutory rights are not affected.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of Hong Kong, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.
除受到法律保護下,參與是次宣傳活動之參賽者必須同意:(1) 任何爭議、任何與是此活動相關之訴訟,或任何已頒發的獎品相關之訴訟,不論任何形式的訴訟都均須由相關人士自行處理,並受到由美國仲裁協會(American Arbitration Association)最終及受法律約束的仲裁條例保護,仲裁將於與參賽者最近的美國仲裁協會分會辦公室(AAA regional office)進行;(2)根據聯邦仲裁法(the Federal Arbitration Act),有權處理、干涉、實施及所有的相關仲裁過程;以及(3)由任何法庭去仲裁評審結果。在所有情況下,參賽者不被允許任何獲獎特權。除與是次宣傳活動參賽者確切支出有關,否則,亦同意免除因任何訴訟而產生之索償、懲罰、未預知及任何相關後果的損失,包括:律師費用。

18. USE OF DATA 收集個人資料聲明:

Promoter will be collecting personal data about entrants online, in accordance with its privacy policy. Please review the Promoter’s privacy policy at http://nyxcosmetics.hk/. By participating in the Competition, entrants hereby agree to Promoter’s collection and usage of their personal information and acknowledge that they have read and accepted Promoter’s privacy policy.
主辦單位會以網上途徑收集參賽者的個人資料,並依照主辦單位的私隱權政策處理。有關私隱權政策請瀏覽以下網站: http://nyxcosmetics.hk/ 。一經參賽,代表參賽者無條件同意主辦單位收集及使用其個人資料以及認知並同意主辦單位的私隱條例。由於宣傳網站寄存於由第三方經營的伺服器內,參賽者遞交的個人資料會被傳送及儲存在香港地區的伺服器內。參賽者同意已遞交的個人資料用於比賽宣傳活動,如有法例規定,主辦單位會發佈有關資料,亦可能會應執法機關及其他政府及監管機構的要求發佈相關資料。


For a list of winners (available after September 19th, 2019), send a self-addressed, stamped, envelope by September, 19 2019 to: The FACE Awards Competition, 35/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
如要索取得獎者名單(將於 2019年9月19日後公佈),請於 2019年9月19日 前把貼上郵票的回郵信封寄至以下地址並註明The FACE Awards Competition:

20. DISCLAIMER 免責聲明:

These Terms and Conditions have been translated into Chinese. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.